Architecture: white cube - trans.lation vickery meadow

This is part of an art project called Trans.lation: Vickery Meadow by artist Rick Lowe that seeks to highlight the cultural diversity of the Vickery Meadow area in Dallas. Several cubes called the White Cubes were placed to hold art in it's interior and a group of my talented colleagues designed this particular one with the undulating fins.  

These shots are of the cube before it got a fresh coat of paint which made them even more interesting to look at. The project also holds pop up markets where different cultures collide to celebrate the rich diversity among the neighborhood.

 The cube covered in what looks like to be grass is done by another firm. Among the harsh winter's barren outlook the green cube strikes a great view. Check out the link for the project and stop by during one of the markets to celebrate in this festivity. 


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