Food: brussel sprouts + shrimp = shred

Towards a goal of eating more vegetables, I contribute this recipe which is made with only a few simple ingredients. And this might make you wonder about the flavors of the dish, but trust me it will entertain your taste buds. This recipe was inspired by a dish prepared by the legendary Jamie Oliver. I have used a couple of shrimps in this recipe and this is where you can change things up by adding different types of protein or by altogether omitting it. Lets take a look at the method.....


10-15 brussel sprouts :: 3 shrimps thinly sliced :: 3 cloves of garlic :: 1 tsp red chili powder
2 tbsp worcestershire sauce :: salt+pepper :: 2 tbsp olive oil :: 1 tbsp butter 

First thing to do is to wash the brussel sprouts and chop the stem ends off. Then place it in a food processor and shred it.

Keep the shredded brussel sprouts submerged in water.

Heat the olive oil and the butter in a flat pan and saute the thinly sliced shrimp.

Just when the shrimp is getting crispy add in the cabbage out of the water. The wetness in the greens will help them to cook. Add the salt and red chili powder. Mix everything well and keep it covered. The heat should be in medium high. Keep it covered but stir often so that it doesn't burn. 

Grate the garlic while the brussel sprouts cook. Right before taking in off the stove, add  fresh cracked pepper and the garlic. 

Enjoy this as an appetizer, side dish, or entree. Bon appetit!


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