Art: can.struction @ the northpark

Last weekend's cold rainy day was spent at the beautiful Northpark mall participating in can.struction. The architecture firm I am working at, participates each year and has even won numerous awards for can.struction. A lot of other firms/schools/orgs were there as well. Our theme was "Don't Let Hunger Drag-On". And our build was Smaug the Dragon from the book "The Hobbit". All the cans that get raised from this single event gets donated to the food bank. Check out how we built ours and also what the other sculptures looked like. There were some really interesting ones. In this scenario, Smaug was built from tuna cans with black eyed pea cans as the eyes and tomato sauce cans as the fins. The corn is the gold in this case [Smaug is protecting his gold]. Enjoy the photo tour and make sure to visit them personally. Don't forget to vote -!

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