DIY: table setting

With the upcoming Eid this week, I wanted to share simple tips on table setting. I know you will be making lots of delicious delicacies, but I don't want you to forget to add that layer of table decor. 

The biggest transformation of a dining table comes with a table cloth. A crochet table cloth looks absolutely stunning on wood tables without hiding the beautiful lines of the table itself. If it is a white table cloth, then cover it with a transparent plastic cover or just take the glass top of the table and place the table cloth underneath it. This way nothing will stain your precious fabric. 

Next are place settings. But that is more for a sit down meal instead of a buffet setting. But do place something underneath each of your dishes. 

Use tiered serveware for your sweets [notice the macaroons in the pink two tiered dish]. Just buy some chocolates and dates and place them in a similar dish and you will notice how beautiful it looks. Don't hesitate to add fruits. It will help to digest all the rich food you will indulge in. 

Eid flowers are a must! And please buy fresh flowers. 

Arrange your silverware in a separate holder with the napkins. There are many beautiful printed napkins these days. Get those!

If you are using paper plates and bowls, then get the printed and heavy ones. Get transparent plastic cups/glass. This way it is easy to identify the drinks. 

Hope this gets you started on your amazing Eid spread. Feel free to share a photo with us!

Table setting credit goes to my  beautiful niece Noreen!


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