DIY: table top + patterned wrapping paper

Amidst a sea of wrapping papers out there, I am always searching for paper-like patterned ones. This particular one shown here with the Moroccan print was a $1 find from Target. I immediately thought of using it with furniture. And my nightstand totally needed an up do. It was amazingly easy and took hardly any time. This can be done with pretty much any surface. Look how beautiful the transformation is. 

These are the pieces back to their original locations enjoying their new look. Find out in this post how effortlessly you can do this project on your own. 

These are the required materials, 

1 wrapping paper or any paper that you want to place over the surface
Mod Podge - all in one glue/sealer/finisher/etc. can be found at any craft store
Brush to apply mod podge
Scissor to cut paper

At firs tcut out the shape of the paper exactly to the size of the surface. Sometimes edges are not straight and might be crooked, so be wary of that. 

Turn the page over [backside] and apply the mod podge with the brush. Start with a light layer. Too much glue will crinkle or tear the paper. 

Carefully place the glue side down over the surface. Smooth out all the air bubbles with your hand. There might be some wet spots. Let those dry and be careful of those spots when you are smoothing out the air bubbles. 


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