Food: a clean caprese salad

One of my absolute favorite salads - thanks to the Italians for inventing this. I order this at every Italian food place we visit. I think one could judge a restaurant/cafe by how good their caprese is. The key to this recipe is heirloom tomatoes and of course fresh mozzarella and I have added fresh basil leaves from my own little garden. The vinaigrette is so good that it can be used in any type of salad. 

For salad, 
1 firm heirloom tomato                          
1 fresh mozzarella ball                      
few basil leaves 

For vinaigrette, 
2 tbs balsamic vinegar                          
1 tsp dijon mustard                            
1 tsp honey
1 tbsp olive oil                                            
pinch of salt                                          
cracked pepper

Make the vinaigrette first. Take all the ingredients minus the cracked pepper and pulse in a mixer or in my case my magic bullet. You can also beat it with a fork. Taste and adjust seasoning to your liking.

Slice the tomato and the mozzarella in equal sizes. Make sure its cold, not room temperature. Arrange on a plate however way you like. You can also cut them in your favorite shape. Sprinkle some basil leaves [chopped up or whole]. Drizzle the vinaigrette over everything and then crack fresh pepper on top. Devour while its cold. Bellissimo! 


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