Architecture: klyde warren park, dallas

If you are a resident of Dallas and its surrounding cities, you may know the tunnel that you have to drive through passing downtown. Well, this deck park sits right on top of that tunnel adjoining Uptown and Downtown. It is designed by award winning landscape architect Jim Burnett. This park has significantly increased pedestrian connectivity and outdoor activities. And the natural landscape is a relief in the urban fabric of the city [what central park is to NYC]. 

The 5 acre open Klyde Warren park looks outward to all the museums and theaters in the Dallas Arts District. Here you can see the new incredible science museum by Morphosis. I will be posting on this building soon!

The park is a sustainable landscape which includes 37 native plants and 322 trees. The deck is made of 300+ concrete beams spaced with concrete slabs which forms a trench. These trenches are used as planters for the trees. Geofoam and special soil keeps the deck from being too heavy. 

Hours and info for your interest. Find out other cool perks inside this beautiful urban oasis.......

This is the children's playground that is carefully separated and tucked in a corner.  Jim Burnett's design focused on a sense of discovery. Each area is treated as its own space from the playground, the seating area, the arena, the water fountain, etc. All these areas are connected by the deck walking paths. 

A huge part of the crowd that visit the park also are there for the food trucks. The food trucks are a huge relief to the surrounding working personel during lunch hours. 

This spot is a central location with two axis going each way crossing each other making four views. Children run with glee between the waterworks.

View into downtown from the water fountains.

View towards the plaza.

A glimpse of the Winspear!

This is the Moody Plaza under construction. It will be a gathering space for concerts, events and congregation for up to 500 people.  

The other half of the park separated by Olive street. One Arts Plaza in the distance [one of my favorite buildings in downtown]. 

Museum tower hovers over like a guard.

A view of the curtain wall building - Hunt Oil Tower - by the Beck Group.

The separated playground. The park is a must stop if you are in downtown!


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