Travel: main st. flea market, arlington tx

Last Saturday Arlington downtown had its annual Main St. Flea Market in the back lawn of Collected Treasures antique store. It was a beautiful yet humid day. The flea market was neat and full of great finds. I bought two treasures which you will find through the images in this post. Enjoy the many many photographs I took. 

This shop was from Waxahachie and they had wonderfully repurposed vintage furniture and home decor. 

Vintage albums are so beautiful!

How beautiful is that mirror?

These chairs were adorable.

So creative and fun!

Looking into this image I terrible regret not buying the longhorn.

There is my mirror! It is happily sitting on my nightstand now and you will be seeing a post about that soon!

My new bedroom clock! I gave it a good clean and a nice wood stain and it looks brand new!

I love this type of vintage tele.

Beautiful detail on a beautiful green chair.


  1. Thanks Akhi pakhi for sharing it with us. I missed it. Love your detail captures :|


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