Dwell: today is water a flower day

April showers bring May flowers - may be that is the reason behind this day. What a great day to share an update on my terrace horticulture! I have two new flower pots - one is in this rusty watering can and one is a intricate metal pot. Discovered another nursery in the neighborhood where I bought flower plants, one for 55 cents and the other for 77 cents! Besides my new planters, check out the few vegetables that are peaking their heads out into this wonderful world!

This is an Indian-inspired metal pot [thrift store find] which has intricate handles and legs.

My chili plant seems to have survived the aphid attack and now growing beautiful lean green chilis. I have to hold my patience and wait till they are slightly red on the edges to pluck them. Thats when they get super hot. If you pluck them this young you can possibly eat it like salad. By the way aphids have never invaded my garden like this before....sigh. 

Here is my neem plant slowly spreading out.

Tiny little spinach plants. I don't let them grow since every time there is a new leaf I immediately devour it through recipes. 

Among my 4 tomato vines this year, the best was the one I bought from Whole Foods. This is her - with tomatoes growing all over the tiny plant. 

There is produce on almost all the branches of the jalapeno plant!

These are long squash flowers. None of these will fruit and I can tell this by looking at the stem right underneath the flower. Thats where the long squash is supposed to grow. If they did, then this branch would have already taken form [as in thicker]. But these stems look like any other stem/branch. Therefore no fruit. These flowers are edible though!

My favorite vegetable - the broad bean. These buds will flower and when the flower drops, within the flower will emerge a handsome broad bean. 

These buds will be produce a vegetable called snake gourd. It is in the squash family. This is my first time growing them. They are also another of my very favorite. 

Here is bitter melon. There are lots of flowers that bloom everyday - but with no fruit. My trellis on the other hand is doing a great job holding all the vines up. More photos until next time!


  1. love the idea of planting in the watering can...

  2. Really nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.Looking forward for your next one

    1. Thank you so very much for taking the time to say such beautiful words. It truly is inspiration to me. I hope you continue visiting my blog. Thanks so much once again!


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