Food: a simple okra recipe

Okra is a wonderful vegetable but it's sliminess can be withdrawing while cooking. This recipe therefore is fast, simple and delicious. Fun fact - okra is also known as ladyfingers in a lot of countries. It's health benefits are abundant. Okra does not need many spices to be cooked with. This particular recipe has been given to me by my mother like most of my recipes. The part I find a bit of a hassle is to take my pressure cooker out. Don't worry, I will explain....

Ingredients are,
1 lb of okra :: 2 shallots :: 3/4 fresh red/green chilis :: 1/3 tsp turmeric powder
salt :: oil :: pinch of sugar

Cut up the okras in equal sizes. If the okras are too thinly sliced, they will break up and form a mush.

Take your pressure cooker and add just enough water to form a layer at the bottom of the okra, so that nothing gets burned. Just when the pressure has formed and your pressure cooker has closed shut, turn the stove off. Take the pressure out slowly by letting the steam out (pull on the whistling knob slightly). The reason for the pressure cooker is to maintain the form of the okras while being cooked. This keeps their color and form intact. Stirring in the pan breaks them. 

If you want to skip this part then just toss the okras in the sautéed shallots until they are cooked. 

This is what it should look like after a minute inside pressure. Soft to the touch yet not mushed. 

Heat oil in a flat pan and toss the sliced shallots and chilis for a minute or two. You can use onions instead of shallots.  

Pour the pressure cooked okras in the pan. Add salt, pinch of sugar and the turmeric powder. Toss and turn until everything is incorporated - about 5 minutes. Taste and serve! Enjoy this delicious vegetable with some rice or as a wonderful side dish with your meal. 


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