DIY: woven cane accent table

Cane webbing or woven natural cane is an amazing work of art and it looks even more amazing on furniture. This particular piece as I found it came with a  woven cane top secured by a wood frame and set on bent metal rods for support. It definitely needed an uplift. You don't need much to give an old piece of furniture a great new look. Check out my process. 

The metal rods were shiny and smooth so it had to be primed before the paint job. I used grey primer and primed with a synthetic brush. Don't forget to wipe the furniture clean before any paint or primer is applied. 

After the primer dried, I used a similar synthetic brush to for the mint paint. Mint colors are really popping up everywhere from clothes to accessories and even to furniture. 

I left details of the metal screws in the rustic metallic gold. Details are always important. Finishing touches were staining the wood frame and the cane a darker and richer shade.  Cheers!


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