DIY: triangular trellis for tomato vine support

This year I am growing several tomato and vegetable vines and therefore have been looking around for plant trellis and cages. They added up to a lot of money for all my plants that need support. So I found a more cost effective way by making them. All I bought was a pack of stick stakes from Home Depot which was about 2 bucks. 

This is what I used, 
stick stakes; natural fiber twine; hand saw

The stakes were taller than I needed. So cutting them in half with a hand saw gave me the perfect height. 

I placed the stakes in three corners equally spaced from each other. 

I took the twine and tied knots on each of the stakes - this formed a triangular enclosure. 

I made three enclosures in total with the twine. You can make more. You can also use wire or any other material to make the enclosures. The plant will naturally grow around the trellis wrapping its vines around it. I will keep you posted!


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