Food: marbled eggs

If I could eat eggs in all my meals throughout the day....sigh. There are so many ways to cook eggs, the list is endless. I find plain hardboiled eggs a little boring and tasteless, except for these marbled eggs. A medley of aromatic spices and herbs are infused to cook this egg. Here is what I used, 

9 eggs :: skin of one red onion; skin of two shallots :: sliced ginger
1 tsp tea leaves or a bag of tea :: lemongrass :: 2 bay leaves :: 2 lime leaves
salt, pinch of sugar :: 2 green chilies :: water to fill pot

Combine everything in the pot and boil the water. The green chilis add heat to the eggs. You can eliminate them if you want to. 

Place the eggs in the boiling water and cook for 8 minutes.

After 8 minutes take each egg and slightly crack the shells. This will allow the infused liquid to seep through the eggs. Boil and cook the eggs another 15 minutes. Crack the shells to find out the lovely marbling on the skin and enjoy! You can eat this as a side dish or for breakfast. 


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