Dwell: jyoti's turf

Art student Jyoti has dressed up her apartment with vibrant pops of color - the key to her decor is to create several different nooks in one single room. The low coffee table is actually made of CMU blocks topped with a canvas wrapped in brown paper. The tele sits on the extension part of the dining table taken apart and painted green. The sheer curtain panel creates a separation from the living into the dining. Art peeps it's head out from every corner and vertical planes. Layers of fabric bring warmth with the help of the abundance of sunlight. 

Jyoti's creativity shows in all aspect of her living - she has an eye for detail. Thank you Jyoti for the wonderful afternoon tea and snacks while basking in the sun with such an elaborate spread.

Jyoti is also a great cook and loves entertaining (its a trait we Bangladeshis are born with) - toasts with harissa spread over it and cut in half, so beautiful!


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