Food: zucchini + gruyere pizza

I have been trying to perfect the whole grain/ whole wheat pizza dough, therefore would like to share my experience with you. The dough is definitely the most important part of making pizza. The topping not so much. If your pizza dough is great, then any topping will taste great. My husband and I love vegetarian pizzas the best. This one is topped with sliced zucchinis with some olives and sun dried tomatoes and of course gruyere.

If you are going to make your pizza dough with white flour or you are going to get store bought ones, then this is what I did for the topping,

I flattened out the dough, and brushed the top with garlic crushed with olive oil. Then I laid a can of tomato sauce all over it. You can make this sauce separately if you like - it would greatly enhance flavor. Then I laid the sliced zucchinis one by one and sprinkled salt, cracked pepper, and some cayenne. I then topped it with olives and sun dried tomatoes. Then grated the cheese right on top. I also added some parmesan on the outer edges of the pizza. I baked it at 425 till it was crispy and the cheese caught some color.

For the dough I mixed whole wheat flour and white flour and added olive oil, salt, and yeast. I kneaded the dough with cold water. Then I refrigerated it. I suggest overnighting or making it in the morning and using it in the evening. The key is to roll out the pizza very very thin in this case. And guess what! We love thin crust! And the other key factor is to bake it on the bottom rack. Tell me how yours turns out! To better and healthy pizza doughs!


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