DIY: ikea chalkboard gets an ethnic makeover

We've had this chalkboard forever now, and just recently I had this incredible idea of drawing all over it  in ethnic henna patterns and motifs. I am really impressed by the outcome. It just took me a few hours. Check out my process.....

This is what it used to look like. We use it a lot for writing down things we need, or even the menu for dinner, etc.  The wood surface was simply sanded and therefore easy to work with. 

I used a light pencil to outline the larger patterns. 

Then I went with a black permanent Sharpie pen to seal the patterns in.

I used a little red for color. The black and red complimented the color of the wood nicely. 

I designed each and every crevice that I could get my hands on. 

I really liked the linear motif here and so I used it multiple times. 

Paisleys are my all time favorite.

This is when the drawing was complete.

The back of the mail holder seemed too plain. At first I thought of designing inside there too. But then it would all be too much. So to contrast it, I used some old wrapping paper made from recycled paper from Bangladesh. I have never used it to wrap anything since I love it so very much. I simply lined the back with this. 

Oh, have I ever mentioned that I just love love love elephants!

The black and red makes the orange in the wood pop.


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