Food: blend your own spices

Stop using store bought blended spices when you can make your own. Start with the basics like coriander powder or cumin powder. But you can do this with any whole spice that you can easily buy. This will greatly enhance the flavor and color of your food. Blending spices reminds me that you should also buy fresh ginger and garlic and use them in preparing your food instead of buying garlic paste or chopped garlic from the store. You can buy peeled garlic from the Asian supermarkets. No need to sit and peel and waste your time. So here is how you blend coriander powder. 

Take a pan that is large enough so that the seeds can lay flat in one layer. Set the temperature to medium low. This is the process of roasting the seeds. Stir everything around in 10 min intervals. You will start smelling the coriander when they are done toasting. No oil needed. 

Now take your spice blender, or in my case my magic bullet. Make sure there is no water anywhere.  Some people use their coffee grinder for this. 

Pulse till you are happy with the consistency. I like mine a little flaky and crunchy. Enjoy!


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