Dwell: garden of 2013

As you can see, I have already prepared all my seedlings in various pots for this coming Spring. The weather has been good so far for them to be outside. I usually take them in when it goes below 40. You can see the jalapeno plant on the left and the rose plant on the far right. The rose is sprouting new leaves all over its branches. Other than these two, here I have a new very gorgeous flower plant (cestrum nocturnum or lady of the night) and also a Kaffir lime plant. 

My herbs are doing great! They love the cool weather.

The chili plant is blooming again. And oh, so is the lime tree. Blooming all over the place. On the far right here is my new jasmine. I have planted different varieties of cilantro this year. I shall keep you updated with all that is blooming in the garden. To a healthy bloom!


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