DIY: solar lanterns

My terrace has these six openings between pillars which are adorned with hooks at the top for something to hang. I thought for the longest time about what to hang there. Plants would be the foremost option, but with the plants that I already have it would have become a jungle. Wind chimes are also great, but my neighbor has them and I love the distant whisper that flows to my apartment. It would be too loud in my own terrace. At last I have found what needed to be hung - solar jar lanterns. It is quite easy to make yet amazingly enchanting to look at. See how I made them, 

You will need to gather solar panels. I did this by taking apart garden solar stakes. You will need mason jars that will fit the solar panel. Other than that, just twine (jute) and paperclips. 

Take the solar panel box off of the plastic light reflector.

The purpose of the mason jar is the advantage of taking the top part off of the lid, so that the solar panel is exposed to the sun. 

Use the paper clips to secure the solar panel box to the jar. You may come up with a better way of putting this together. If so, then do share it with me. 

This is what it looks like!

Now close the lid on the top.

Use the twine to make the jar hang. You can use something else here.

I made the twines uneven in height, so that when the lanterns hang they are not all the same size. 


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