Food: Khasta Porota = crusty parathas

Inspired by my elder sister, I made my own parathas to store in the freezer so it is convenient to take out and fry. Parathas are basically flat breads, in the family of tortillas/chapatis/rotis.  They are a little richer for the addition of oil. But I tried to use as less amount of oil as I could. You only need a few ingredients,

3 cups of regular flour :: 3 cups of whole wheat flour :: salt (1/2 tsp per cup)
1 tsp sugar :: 2 eggs :: boiling water :: oil ( I used canola, but you can use butter or ghee)

6 cups in total will make a lot of parathas. I suggest you start with 1 cup if this is your first time. 

Take a large bowl and mix the flour, salt, sugar and oil. Mix everything very well.

Beat the 2 eggs in a separate bowl.

Pour the eggs into the flour mixture and again mix everything very well. At this point, you can divide the flour mixture into two parts if you are using 6 cups of flour. It will be easier mixing in the water and kneading this way. Then add the boiling water a little at a time and mix with the spatula. Slowly start to knead with your hands. Be careful of the heat. Keep the dough covered while you are mixing water with the other half of the flour. . 

Divide the dough into smaller parts so it is easy for you to knead. The dough needs to acquire a smooth surface before it is ready to roll. Knead the dough into a tubular shape and divide them in equal parts. Then roll each part under your palm and then flatten it with your hands. Keep these covered in a bowl. 

Now it is time to use the rolling pin. You don't have to make a perfect circle since this will be a square paratha. Drop some oil on the flat bread and spread it out evenly with your fingers. Then sprinkle some flour all over the oil. This will ensure that the paratha will rise in the center. 

Now fold any two sides overlapping each other. Repeat this step for the other ends. And you have a square!

Roll the square with the rolling pin. I tried to keep all the parathas the same shape by using an appetizer plate as my scale. I covered each paratha with a plastic wrap and then placed the entire stack of parathas into a large ziplock bag. I then placed the bag with the plate underneath in the freezer. I took the plate away once the parathas were frozen. When you are ready to eat these, heat a flat pan on the stove with no oil. Place the paratha. Turn after 20 sec. After another 20 sec or so, add a little oil and turn and fry until it is ready. Some people like it extra crusty. In that case fry at a lower temperature.   


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