Food: chicken corn soup

You will be amazed how a few simple ingredients can make such a flavorful and hearty soup in just under one hour. People from the far East tend to love this soup and is also favored in winter and when under the weather. A soup can cure anything :).

You will need, 
1 lb chicken breast/tender thinly sliced :: 1/2 lb shrimp thinly sliced :: 1 can of vege/chicken stock
1 can sweet corn :: 1 egg :: 1 tsp chili powder :: 2 tbsp cornflour :: 1 tsp of chinese salt or msg
1 tbsp butter :: 2 tbsp crushed cashews :: 3/4 green chilis :: 1 tsp vinegar

In a large heavy bottomed pan, heat the can of broth along with 2 glasses of water. If you want your soup to be more watery then add more water. Add salt, pepper and the chinese salt for taste. 

While the liquid is heating up, mix the chicken and the shrimp with the cornflour and the chili powder.

Once the liquid starts to boil, pour the chicken and shrimp mixture into the pot.

Keep tasting to adjust the salt, pepper and the chinese salt until the soup is done. At this time pour the can of corn into the soup. 

Beat the egg and while you pour the egg into the soup stir the soup with the other hand so that the egg is dispersed everywhere. You can see in this image that the soup is acquiring thickness. 

Lastly, heat the butter in a pan and roast the cashews in it. When it acquires a golden color, pour it into the boiling soup. Also add the green chilis and the vinegar. If you want the green chilis to overpower a little then slice them open. Add some hot sauce when you eat. Enjoy!


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