DIY: make your own prints - the lotus

There are so many varieties of prints and patterns these days that it is mind boggling. Making your own is not only creative, but also personal and unique to you. Use these patterns to stamp on fabrics, canvas, paper, name it. I have done several on the lotus and kind of got carried away :). 

I started the lotus and the fish with a light pencil first.

And then I went over it with ink.

You can keep drawing big and small lotuses and fish and finish the print or you can simply keep copying the same one.

Here is another simpler version and also a smaller print.

The simpler version can be thickened by adding a few more lines here and there.

Lastly, here is a big lotus. This can also be used in small or large scale prints. And the various lines in this one makes it versatile by changing color, filling in the white spaces viceversa, or adding more lines. 


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