Food: chicken spaghetti - healthy indeed!

I used to make spaghetti with store bought pasta sauces until I discovered this. I found that you can achieve the same thing with just a can of crushed tomatoes. Therefore this recipe is from scratch and quite an easy and quick one. You can most certainly make this in less than an hour - just make sure the meat you use is not frozen.

Your ingredients,
1 packet pasta - I used whole grain pasta :: butter for boiling the pasta in water :: salt
rosemary chopped :: 1 lb ground chicken - you can use any other kinds of meat
1 can crushed tomatoes :: 2 cups mushroom :: 1/2 onion sliced :: 1 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp ginger paste :: 1 tsp red chili powder :: 1 tsp cumin powder
1/2 tsp grated nutmeg :: olive oil :: cheese - any kind you like, but parmesan goes well.

Heat olive oil in a pan and brown the onions. Then stir in the ginger/garlic paste. In the mean time also boil the water for the pasta. Add some butter and salt in the boiling water. You want your pasta ready to toss into the sauce when this is ready. 

Toss in all of the ground chicken and stir it in.

Then mix in all the ground spices and salt.

Keep stirring, so that the meat is coated with all the spices and achieves a beautiful golden color.

Now pour in the crushed tomatoes from the can. You can also make your own crushed tomatoes - just by placing whole tomatoes in the oven at 350 for 20 mins. 

Once the tomatoes start boiling and become mixed in, throw in the sliced mushrooms.

Once the mushrooms are cooked, taste for salt and spices. Now add the cheese. I diced up mine and tossed it in.

When I toss in the pasta I make sure the temperature is at low. Also when you drain the pasta water, keep a little bit of water to pour into the sauce. This will add a litte more thickness and flavor. Mix in the rosemary and sprinkle more cheese on top. Enjoy!


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