Food: Aloo Porota = potato stuffed paratha

This is yet another scrumptious item that can easily be a snack with tamarind sauce on the side or can be a dinner entre with a curry on the side. We ate ours with chicken curry made with breast meat.

For the dough you will need,
1 1/2 cup flour (I mixed mine with white and whole grain)
1 tsp salt :: 1 tbsp oil :: kalonji or nigella seeds (optional) :: water

For the filling you will need
1 large potato boiled :: 2 tbsp chopped cilantro
3 dried red chili or red chili powder about 1/2 tsp
2 tbsp fried onions :: 1/2 tsp black pepper :: salt :: pinch of sugar

Make sure the potatoes are boiled well enough so that it is easy to mash.

Take the 3 dried red chilis and fry it in a pan with oil at medium heat. It will turn darker in color and crispy. Once it starts to smoke slide the entire pan into the oven so that you don't start coughing. Let it cool down. Then grind the chilis in a grinder or with your hand. If you do not want to go through this process then just use already ground red chili powder. Mix in all the ingredients with the mashed potato. 

For the dough, mix in all the dry ingredients and then add water to form the dough. Knead well.

Make small patties that are all even in size. You will be stuffing these with the potato so make sure they are not too small.

Now make the patties flat by pressing your thumb around it in circles. It will need to be a vessel to contain the filling.

Then you have to carefully bring in all the outer edges and close it to form a round ball.

Take out your rolling pin and carefully start flattening the patty. Use extra flower so the dough does not stick all over. Also be careful so as to the filling does not come out. After you have made all the porotas, fry them in slight oil in a flat pan and devour!


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