DIY: vintage frame color update

This beautiful elaborate vintage frame only needed a color update to be one gorgeous little piece of decor for the home. It is best to choose a high gloss paint when refinishing intricate designs - it gives a much more prominent look. A single color also helps in defining the design as a whole. 

Start by applying light coats with a small brush over the nooks and crannies of the pattern. Keep applying light coats until you do not see anymore of the old paint and everything has one uniform coat of paint. 

This image above is my uniform coat over the patterned areas.

Then it is ready for the paint to be applied to the plain parts of the frame. When dealing with a photo frame, take the back and the glass out to paint the edges. 

I painted the entire frame in one color, even the insides and the back. I am absolutely in love with the color. Be patient and let it have enough time to dry before you put everything back together. 


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