Dwell: garden update

Look how tall my cherry tomato is becoming. Its vines keep growing longer and longer while the older branches dry out. This is typical of tomato vines though. I just hope it doesn't reach the ceiling!

The basil is doing great by providing enormous flavor into our foods all the time. I had to transfer it to a larger pot with the help of my mother. Well she basically scolded me about suffocating the roots in the previous pot! And I really truly found this out when we took it out of the pot - there was only roots and hardly any soil. Now I know. 

So I have six chili plants here all in one row. But look there is a rebel. Its trying to catch the cherry tomatoes. I have no idea whats up with it. But I get healthy chilis all the time! So I am not complaining. 

These are new flower buds that my mother planted. She brought the seeds all the way from our village. Its supposed to bloom beautiful blood red flowers. 

My herb planter is doing good. There are some spinach spontaneously growing in the middle. The last harvest of cilantro dried out. So we planted some more and you can see the sprouts all around. 

My mini roses keep blooming to make me smile. 

And my purple salad chilis makes me proud. They are definitely conversation starters. 

This is the okra and its blooming and harvesting better than before because of two reasons. Thanks to my mother the plant whisperer - she carefully took out extra plants that she could decided would not grow any further. I don't know how she can tell. I apparently had too many plants in one pot. And we also bought some liquid potassium and have been feeding that with the water.   

The same technique I mentioned for the okra was formulated for the lima beans and they have started growing at last. Well, they are Bangladeshi lima beans. Look how the vines wrapped themselves around the rail. Amazing!

We also took out some frail plants from the zucchini planter so the stronger plants could thrive. And so they are! 

Here is the lemon tree growing bigger everyday. I get visitors that eat their leaves though! Remember my eggplant and jalapeno plants? Well, they were effected by tiny plant insects which hindered their growth. The eggplant had to go unfortunately but the jalapeno is recovering after my mother chopped it from the top. This was also done for my heirloom tomato since they were not producing. Lets wait and see!


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