DIY: Ikat frame

This is a shadow box frame which I refinished and gave an Ikat touch.  First and foremost, clean all the surfaces and the edges/corner to get rid of any dust particle before you start painting. The glass came off easily which aided in painting the edges.

I painted the front panel that opens like a door in a dark mauve. 
I took a dark but bright blue to paint the pattern of the Ikat. This is very organic and does not need to be perfect. Thats what I love about Ikat print.  

Then I took an off-white paint and painted the same pattern in the inner and the outer edges of the blue pattern. 

Lastly, I took turquoise and painted the centers of the pattern created in the off-white. Again, they do not need to be perfect. Just let your hand flow. 

I left the rest of the shadow box in its original wood. The wood is beautiful and I did not want to change it. 


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