DIY: tree branch wall art

I am very fond of dried tree branches. I have them in vases all around my home. Today I wanted to do something different. So I picked up a fairly large branch from my morning walk/run in the park. 

First I sawed off some unwanted branches using a small hand saw.

After getting rid of several branches, it was time to paint. I used bright white paint and a regular brush. You can also spray paint if you want. 

After both sides were painted evenly, I let it dry under the fan. 
I hammered some nails and used masking tape to place the branch on the wall where I wanted it to be.  

Here is a closeup shot of what I mean. 
After that, using a wool thread, I started tying knots around the branch and the nail head. So that the branch is firmly held against the wall.  
Once several knots were tied, I cut the extra long ends off. 

This is how it looked once complete. I made sure the branch was the same length as my other objects on the wall. You can work with larger branches or several small branches with different colors to create something similar to this. 


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