DIY: create your own bookshelf

So, after searching and searching and searching for bookshelves at design stores along with thrifts stores, I ultimately gave up and made my own. I think open bookshelves (the one that have no panels at the end) are lighter to look at, and don't seem like a big heavy piece of furniture just sitting there. I made a trip to Home Depot, cut up some lumber, and picked up tracks and brackets. I came home and the first thing I did was stain the wood. I love the natural grain of the wood, and as my hand moved through each knot and grain, I fell more in love with it. The grains tell you a story about how the wood came to be. Really! Anyways, so once the shelves were ready, I placed the tracks and then the brackets and just simply placed the wood on top of the brackets. They are not attached! The best thing is that when I move, I don't have to worry at all. 

The other important thing about bookshelves are that, you have to design the way you place everything. You don't necessarily have to only place books in a bookshelf. It can be an assortment of objects you love. And this will give your bookshelf a much more sophisticated look and therefore will enhance your decor. So get to that bookshelf and redesign it! Oh and add some accent lighting!


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