TRAVEL: Ft. Worth Main St. Art Festival

I try to go to this event every year and it is always a blast! Check out the photographs that I managed to squeeze in between eating/art & people watching/enjoying of course! 

From the parking garage looking onwards to the festival traffic.
Purple blinking lights adorned the buildings.
Crowd crossing.
Concert people (my most fav shot).
Balcony seats.
Amazing music.  
Wait this is my most fav shot!
The great mural.  
Array of art stalls. 
Festival goers. 
Large installations. 
Kid making use of the pendulum installation.
More Art. 
Huge paint cans. 
And more lights. 
Risky's! Thats what I ate from the festival!
This show was incredible!

Highlight of the night. 
Hope to see something amazing next year as well!


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