Promote: Kaanzi

I am promoting my husband and his friends' brand new company today. What this application aims to achieve is to gather all sorts of web activities in one place. From posting your status on FB/twitter; getting driving directions; to looking up restaurant reviews and lots more can be done here. And all of this will be done through a chain of commands. You will not be needing a mouse on this website. Some of the popular commands are stated on the left sidebar. Once you start typing one of these in the command line, you will be assisted with dropdown menus to complete that command. Let me show you what I mean (be sure to click on the images for a better view) - 

My first command was "find". Once I started typing "find", it helped me to finish my command to - "find place subway near 76006". Let me explain to you why the words "place" and "near" are important in this command. Kaanzi wants to be able to give results that are specific and helpful to the user and not just any and everything that has the word "subway" in it. So when you are being specific in your command line you will get results that you are looking for. Do you see how this is different from all the search engines?

This command is "search twitter spring gardening". You can type "search twitter" and then any topic and a huge list will appear unto you showing you who has been twitting about your topic!
This one is the direction command.  Once you type "direction" it shows you to type "from" and then your address. Once you start typing your address, it prompts you to type "to" and then the ending address. You basically have to be specific to receive specific and refined results. And the end experience is faster than any other search engine. 

Here I just typed "define" and then my word of choice :).  
This is another simple command for doing your math online!
The "flicker" command is just super duper! Once you type "flicker" it prompts you to type "recent"and viola! you have a gallery of pictures that have just been uploaded onto flicker!
You do not need to go to Yelp or Google to get reviews on a restaurant. All you to is type into Kaanzi, "yelp mediterranean restaurant near 75002" and you get your reviews. 

The most amazing command is probably for people who love to update their status and tweets all day. You can post these straight from Kaanzi!
The command for weather is quite simple. You type "weather" and then your zipcode. But if you just type "weather" it will still give you exact weather conditions around your area by detecting your IP address. Amazing!

Kaanzi will definitely improve your web experience as well as expedite it. Use it and let me know what you think


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