Dwell: my last apartment

It was an on-campus apartment, which means it was tiny with no balcony. It is definitely challenging to decorate apartments but you can work around that and make a very cozy and beautiful space around you. I had two rooms and this photo shows you the room you would walk into - the living room. 

I placed as many seating as I could, since we love entertaining and having company over. Besides a three-seater and a two-seater, I had added a low seating area for lounging. 

Don't be afraid to place your sofa against the window. I enjoyed the view out more this way and enjoyed lazy afternoons napping in the sun. Also, drapes are a must in a home. I added lighting in all corners with different kinds of lamps. 

I had the tiniest space for my dining. But I managed to place a small round table with two chairs on each side. This purchase served both that time of need and for future spaces, since we knew that we would have to move out of there once I graduated.

This was my narrow kitchen with my laundry at the end. I placed mirrors on the wall over the sink, so I had something to look at while washing dishes, and did not have a blocked view. 

My bedroom was almost as large as my living area. So besides my bed, I added a desk space, and extra seating. 

I hung this traditional embroidered fabric from Bangladesh over my bed. I like how it blended in with the headboard in black. I used CMU blocks and wood slabs to create nightstands. I received a lot of compliments on these. 

This was my small garden that stood right outside my entry door. It did not get enough sunlight all the time, so it was very hard to keep them alive. I will post photos of my current apartment soon where you will see most of these pieces placed in a new space in a new way along with some newer purchases. 


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