DIY: ikea coffee table updated

I have this coffee table from ikea, which has nice clean lines to it - but I have always thought that I could do something exciting with the table top. So I wanted to do a herringbone pattern with paint markers. I used my t-square from freshman years of college to pencil in my guidelines. 

I used the same thickness of the t-square to make my guidelines. Oh, and make sure you have cleaned the table top well. 

I used silver and gold metallic paint markers for this. And I have drawn them freehand for an organic feel. Scroll down to see how it turned out in the end! 


  1. the effect is lovely. you must have a very steady hand.


  2. Brilliant! Love the look. I presume you placed glass over the table upon completion. Nice job.

  3. Amazing! I would never have the patience to do such intricate work. Lovely :)

  4. Wow, this is a really amazing work!! In the first moment I didn't understand the meaning of your blog titel, because I didn't see anything looking like "handpainted". Thanks for this great inspiration, I love DIY! :)

    Cheers from Germany,

  5. মারাত্মক হইসে আঁখি! আগে তোমার ব্লগ দেখি না‌ই তো!

  6. Wow..this needs a lot of patience....nice job


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