Food: chicken breast with mushrooms and baked fries

So this was for dinner tonight - pan seared chicken breast with sauteed onions on top complimented by baked french fries! Its too easy to make. Trust me. 

I took the chicken breast and butterfly opened it. Butterfly opening is taking the chicken breast and slicing it in half lengthwise so that it opens like a book. This way the chicken breast becomes thinner for searing. 

After that, I seasoned the breast pieces with salt, pepper, garlic salt, red chili powder and lemon juice. I also sprinkled some mixed seasoning that was close by. Then I just seared the breast pieces on both side in the skillet till they were charred golden brown. 

I poured a little more olive oil in the same pan for the mushrooms. And sauteed them with minced garlic and salt. The leftover juice from the chicken was enough seasoning for them. See how easy it is!


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