DIY: ottoman refinished

An old lift-top ottoman with a magazine rack - which I refinished to a more clean and updated look. See my process below to learn how this can be easily done with any piece of furniture lying around the house.


So after cleaning it up, the first thing I did was take the upholstered foot rest off of the ottoman. 

Next I placed masking tape - equally from each other as I want the stripes to be painted on. Then I applied the paint over the tape. 

And this is how it turned out when the tape was taken off. 

 While this paint was drying, I painted the legs of the ottoman a shade of grey. 

 I went back to painting the stripes to fill in the gaps with the same grey color. 

This is how it looks like when I was done. I didn't want straight stripes, so I did painted outside the edges to make those notches over the stripes. 

Now onto the other side. I used a different technique here where I painted the entire surface grey first.

After the grey paint dried, I placed the masking tape and painted the purple stripes. I repeated the same thing on the opposite side. 

Now onto the front- I painted most of it grey. I left the inside its original wood grain. 

Then I painted the rails purple to accentuate their elegance. 

Now onto the upholstered foot rest. I had some leftover IKEA fabric that I decided to use. I am sure everyone is very familiar with this print. 

I took off the hinges first to be able to reupholster.

Then I started stapling away around the foot rest over the folded fabric.

This is how it turned out.

After that I screwed back in the hinges onto the foot rest.

I wanted to give the fabric itself a little update so that it is a nice contrast to the ottoman base. I used some bronze fabric paint to do this.

A small brush was good enough to paint the shapes that I wanted.

I filled in the white spaces in between the pattern.

This is what it looked like at the end.


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