Art: oil painting class

The oil will be mixed in the paint with the brush while painting. 
Very little of the oil is actually required. 

Oil paint when dried is very hard to take off. The palette and all the brushed need 
to be washed right away after painting is finished. 

She compiled a palette with the main colors that will be used and then light and 
dark colors for shadow. 

She used yellow and blue to make the green. 

She decided to paint a flower. So she circled the flower area first. 

Then she painted the background around that circled area. She used the same 
brush to use different colors to form the background wash. 

This process goes pretty fast. 

For the flower, she started with the base color. 

Then she painted the center of the flower a darker color. 

Then she used a lighter shade to give the petals their profile. 

She used some white to enhance the shadows.
I took an intro to oil painting from my friend's mother and would like to share it:

She outlined a space in the corner of a canvas for the tutorial. 

First thing is to assemble all the things. The oil need for oil painting is called Linseed oil. 
A little of this oil goes a long way. 

She started by dripping some oil first on the palette. Then she started to arrange all the colors that she will be using starting 
with white. No matter what the painting is, white is always needed - in bulk. 

She placed a few dark dots in the center and a few more strokes of white. If the entire background is done first before painting the objects, then the background wash needs to dry for a few hours before the objects are painted over them. I am sure I have forgotten to mention some more information, but just feel free to ask. 


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