DIY: turn a simple end table into something unique

This is a very simple Queen Anne style end table - I simply gave it a new elegant look. The step by step process is shown below through images:

This is how it used to look like. It is a very small end table that can be placed between seating areas, or in any nook of the home. 

I realized that the bottom pedestal was screwed into the leg. So I took that off to make it easier to paint. 

Then I painted the leg a shade of grey and let it dry till I screwed the pedestal back again.

After that, I painted the round table top a shade of purple.

I put two coats of paint on the top. Here, you can see the scale of the table in accordance to the chair next to it. 

I started the hand paint with a very thin paint brush and some metallic paint. I eyeballed the centre and then worked my way through it. 

Once the outline was complete, it was easier for me to fill in the spaces with design. To make it easier, the design can be first outlined with pencil over the paint. 

Here is the final look!


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